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The famous Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe has performed around the globe and is a wonderful night out for visitors to Shanghai. Their movement is art - tightly choreographed and rehearsed endlessly.

Where: The Shanghai Center Theatre, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu, Shanghai, China
When: 7:30pm, usually seven nights a week

To book tickets call the Shanghai box office on (86-21) 6279-8663 If you book on a weeknight a few days in advance it is often possible to get front and center seats (be sure to ask).

Hula Hoops

What is a simple child's toy takes on a whole new life in the hands of this acrobat. They spin, fly and dance along with her.

Clowns with Knives

The clowns get crazy and tie an unsuspecting audience member to a board and throw carving knives at him.

Taking volunteers...

Umbrella Handling

Foot dexterity at its best. This acrobat opens umbrellas with her feet and spins them on her toes. Try two at a time. And if umbrellas aren't already enough, there's more.

Through the Tube

Hope this guys streches before he folds himself in half and squeezes rear end first through a barrel and out the other end.

Fun with Glasses and Bowls

Don't try this at home, or at least not on purpose.

The troupe rotates its acrobats so the show is not the same two nights in a row. The feats in the videos here you may or may not see if you attend.

Also, visit the Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe's Official Web Site (external link will open in new window)